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by on February 5, 2011


5 Quid for LifeToday, it’s my turn to be overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of 5 Quid for Life supporters. It started yesterday with a fiver, after I posted a campaign update in the ‘200 People to Save Ali Quant‘ facebook group. Then late last night, £1,000 came in from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, with this comment:

I’m a bit rubbish with words and I can’t quite figure out a way to articulate to Aliquant how much she has helped me. I often wake up during the night and I find this challenging; I lurk on twitter and watch conversations until I feel calm enough to return to bed. So, without Aliquant et al., I would most likely be in a far worse place than I am now.

Words simply cannot express how I felt when that email from PayPal came through: bowled over, gobsmacked, reeling — only to be knocked for six again this morning as another donation of £500 came in.

£1,505 in less than 24 hours, without any of the celebrities cavorting and dancing that fundraising events such as Comic Relief or BBC Children in Need depend on. Just simple open-hearted generosity from people who have recognised a need and responded.

To those donors: you know who you are — thank you.

The true strength of this campaign lies not in big donations, however, but in the network we’re building: standing together in solidarity. Back to my introductory post:

5 Quid for Life, because we think life is worth far more than five quid, but if enough of us stand together with our fivers ready, a network of friends standing in solidarity with those battling mental illness, then lives can and will be saved: A Mental Health Safety Net.

We’re not there yet, but one strand at a time, that net is being woven. If you’re in a position to commit to £5 per month once the official 5 Quid for Life bank account is open, fantastic; but one-off donations, blogposts, facebook updates and tweets to spread the word, advice, comments and other forms of involvement are all part of it: the critical point is that we’re weaving — and holding — this net together.

If you’d like to give now, you can do so via PayPal with the button below and in the sidebar: these donations will be temporarily accepted and held by the UK Christian Bookshops Directory (UKCBD), then transferred to 5 Quid for Life as soon as the official account has been opened.

Thank you.

Update 25/06/2011: Please note that we are no longer processing online donations via UKCBD. We hope to have a 5 Quid for Life PayPal account opened soon: watch this space and in the sidebar for details…

Donations may be made by direct payment into the 5 Quid for Life bank account:

A/C Name: 5 Quid for Life
Bank: HSBC Woodbridge
Sort Code: 40 47 42
Account No: 21468928

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  1. overwhelming yes and also very heatening: will continue spreading the word as best I can 🙂

  2. I am stunned Phil, absolutely stunned. Pleased, awed and stunned. A big “thank you” to both of those donors and to the donors who gave £5 also. £5 is a lot of money when you have very little. As you posted on my blog – “the fight goes on” and it does. Support does not just mean money, it can mean time and effort, sharing the news, spreading the word, offering advice or just a hand to someone in this sort of distress.

  3. Wow, that is incredible. It is really heartening to know that there are people out there who care enough to donate that type of money. Whoever the donations were from, thank you. I am lucky enough that I live with my parents and therefore hopefully wouldn’t need to access this fund even if my benefits were stopped, but I think it is such an important thing that is happening here, and I am sure that all of us who are currently claiming benefits are enormously grateful, regardless of whether or not this is something we see ourselves trying to access. I will be donating £5 a month once it is up and running (assuming my benefits aren’t stopped, as I couldn’t afford to if they were) as I just think it is so vital to have this safety net, and hopefully even some of those of us who are claiming benefits can work out where we can cut back a little so that we can donate, as nobody knows when they might need to use this fund themselves. Really wonderful, inspiring news. xx

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