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200 People: Campaign Update

by on February 6, 2011

I POSTED THIS CAMPAIGN UPDATE to the ‘200 People to Save Ali Quant‘ facebook group on 4th February, since that’s really where this campaign began. My apologies for the delay in cross-posting here, as well as for not managing to post the logo gallery this weekend. I was, however, a tad overwhelmed

Dear friends,

Thank you, first of all, for being part of this campaign. Whether or not you’re in a position to contribute financially when the time comes, the fact that you’re willing to stand in solidarity with Ali and others in a similar position means a lot to her and them. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to read Ali’s post, Overwhelmed:

As I expect most of you are aware by now, we listened to Ali’s request in that post to think bigger and this campaign has morphed into something much bigger: from a campaign to save one person’s life, it’s become a campaign to support anyone who, due to mental illness, is at risk of losing their incomes, homes or lives as a consequence of the benefit system changes.

Next, thank you to everyone who helped us to choose a name for that bigger campaign, and to those who responded to my shout out for a campaign logo. I hope to post a gallery of the various logo designs on the website and/or on facebook over the weekend:

5 Quid for Life: A Mental Health Safety Net |

It’s early days for the campaign yet. The somewhat bizarre nature of UK charity law means that we are not allowed to register as a charity until we can demonstrate that we have an annual income of more than £5,000; but we are working on drawing up a formal constitution so that we’ll be ready when we reach that point. We are also in the process of opening an official ‘5 Quid for Life’ bank account, and once that account is set up we should be in a position to start accepting contributions by standing order or direct debit.

If you would like to make a one-off donation in the meantime, I have agreed with Sam Jenkin, our Project Manager, and Paula Ann Walker, our Finance Officer, to accept donations via my UK Christian Bookshops Directory PayPal account. You’ll find a donate button here:

Thanks again for your support, and special thanks to the team working with me behind the scenes to get the campaign off the ground: in particular to Karen Bester, for setting up the facebook page; Sam Jenkin, for keeping us organised; Karita Razzel, for essential admin; Johnathon Tinsley, for IT support; and Paula Ann Walker, for liaising with the bank. There are too many involved to mention everyone by name: I salute you all.

Finally, please spread the word, and don’t forget to hit that ‘Like’ button on our facebook page!

Best wishes to you all,


Phil Groom


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  1. and best wishes to you Phil!

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