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Meet the Team: Part 2

by on February 13, 2011

ON SATURDAY we introduced our Finance Officer, Paula; Project Manager, Sam; and myself as Founder. Today, prepare to meet our Press and Social Media Officer, Karen Bester, and one of our Spokespeople, Karita Razzell:

Karen Bester, Press and Social Media Officer

Karen, alas just a few breaths short of 30, is a cat ownee who resides in a bland little house with her long-term partner. She has significant work experience in the voluntary sector.

Unfortunately, mental illness rendered her unfit for work at the age of 25, so she has a particular passion for what 5 Quid for Life is doing. Karen suffers from chronic, severe clinical depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder with episodes of dissociation and psychosis. Thanks to her extensive personal experience and plenty of research, she tries to raise awareness on and help combat the stigma of mental ill health. This is achieved mainly through engagement on social media, but also through real life encounters. It pays to talk!

A Criminology graduate who maintains an interest in the area, Karen enjoys science fiction, her X-Box and PS3, classic rock, theatre, reading, politics/current affairs, and Indian cuisine. She is passionate about animal welfare, mental health advocacy and swooning at nerds and geeks everywhere.

When 5 Quid for Life is fully up and running, Karen will be responsible for press queries, the writing of regular newsletters and, jointly with Phil, the management of the blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Karita Razzell, Admin

Karita works as an office administrator and loves nothing more than chasing recalcitrant colleagues around with a whip if she notices them slacking. When she’s not doing that you’ll find her studying verses from the Qu’ran or the Bible, whichever takes her fancy at the time, but always in the original languages. She is fluent in Arabic, cookies, scones and blogging, is capable of much more than she thinks she is and enjoys frequent cuddles with her hubby, Baz.

Karita also has personal experience of mental illness herself, striking a fine balance with perfect aplomb between working, studying, living and being a bit mad. She is passionate about providing support for those people with mental illness, with a compassion borne out of experience.


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