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Living with Depression: A chance to tell your story with Civitas Press

by on March 17, 2011

CIVITAS PRESS have issued a call for submissions for their second community project publication, Not Alone – Stories Of Living With Depression — and they’re not looking for easy answers or quick-fix solutions from people who’ve got it all together: they’re after authentic, no-holds-barred accounts from people who can tell it like it is:

Not Alone - Call for Submissions

Not Alone - Call for Submissions

We are looking for real, honest stories of people wrestling with the issue. We encourage you to let it all out on the page, and share in detail both the external circumstances and the internal conflicts that arise because of it. When at all possible show – don’t tell. Give us the gritty details, the emotions, the conflict, how you felt, how you responded (good and bad), and what you learned, if applicable to your story. Although we rarely censor graphic content or language if it serves the story, we ask that you use discretion. We are NOT looking for self-help essays on solutions, professional opinions, or agendas.

If the possibility of seeing your story in print alongside others appeals to you, head on over there, download the Project Submission Document, and get started on telling your story — but do it soon: the deadline for submissions is 24th May 2011 with a view to publishing in October this year.

There’s no guarantee that every submission will be accepted, of course, but if you don’t try you’ll never know…

Civitas Press are a USA based publisher which describe themselves as:

… a family of writers, editors, designers, and marketing experts committed to creating a new model for publishing. We believe the writer should profit from one’s work and we’re creating a platform to make that happen.  When you join Civitas Press, you become part of that family.

This particular project emerged from a series of blogposts by Alise Wright,, who you can also follow on twitter @BigMama247.

Finally, please remember to come back here and tell us how you got on!


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  1. Thanks so much for getting the word out about this project! I really think that it has the potential to really help people understand depression in a more personal way and to let people who are already acquainted have a chance to be heard.

  2. On behalf of Civitas Press, thanks for posting this.

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