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5 Quid for Life Fundraising Rock Night! (Plus Various Mental Health Articles)

by on June 12, 2011

EDIT: After all the fanfare below, on Facebook and Twitter, unfortunately the fundraiser has hit a rather serious snag; we can’t run it on the date organised. Unfortunately the venue accidentally double-booked itself after a mix-up. The staff have sent their apologies, and I would like to express mine here too.

I’m liasing with the bands to see what date we can re-arrange for, and as soon as I know, I’ll advice everyone here and on the social networks.

Once again, I am really sorry. Please, please do stick with us though – this is still going to happen, it’s still going to rock, and we’re still in a good cause!

Thanks all, and best wishes

Karen (Press and Social Media Officer)

After much faffing about in the background, I’ve finally got round to officially organising our first fundraiser!

I wish I could claim all the credit for this, but that would be fibbing ever so slightly. On a night out a few months ago, my good mate Tony mentioned that he had seen on Facebook that I was involved with 5 Quid. Straight then and there, he offered to have his band – and others that he knows – perform at a charity gig for us. So, let me publicly thank you Tony – your generosity is very, very much appreciated.

The current line up involves two bands, as sadly a third we had hoped to have is not available on the date we’ve organised. However, we are hoping to get someone else to slot into that set. We’ll also have a DJ there who is, I understand, under instructions to play whatever guests wish. Well, as long as it’s within the rock genre 😉

On that note, we can expect to hear soft rock, classic rock, pop rock, glam rock, blues rock, punk, metal, alternative – the list goes on. As well as that, we’re looking into prizes for a raffle (if I can’t get any local businesses on-board with this, I’ll donate them myself) and there will be drinks promotions if you like a good tipple (plus you’ll have the dubious pleasure of seeing me make an eejit of myself over the PA system). So it promises to be a great night!

The details are as follows:


Ma Nelson’s Rock Bar

149 Lisburn Road




30 July 2011


TBC, but probably at starting either 9pm/10pm – going on until the wee small hours!

Now, I know many 5 Quid supporters are not in Northern Ireland, but if there is any possibility that you could come, please do. Belfast is a great city these days; there’s plenty to see and do in it itself, and there are some stunning places within no more than an hour away from us, such as the Giant’s Causeway, the Glens of Antrim (a personal favourite place of mine) to the North and the beautiful Mourne Mountains to the South. So any traveling contingent could easily make a weekend or a short break out of it! Give me a shout if you want any further details on this.

For anyone in Northern Ireland – or even Ireland as a whole, it’s not such a big place these days, is it? – please, please make the effort to attend if you possibly can. This is our first fundraiser and we really need it to be a success. Tell you friends and family too!

You can find out more about our venue, Ma Nelson’s, on their Facebook site at Huge thanks are also due to the bar’s owner, Tina, for all her hard work in accommodating everything for us, and for her generosity vis a vis our non-profit status! Cheers Tina 🙂

I’ve set up a Facebook ‘event’ page for the gig: please click here. Please go ahead and invite yourself and all your mates! [I’ll create a new event page as soon as the new date is confirmed.]

I hope to see many of you there!

On another note, there have been a few pieces in The Guardian lately that we thought you may be interested in. First, if I may be narcissistic enough to raise this, I had a small bit published myself on 3 June. I, and three other users of the paper’s Comment is Free pags were discussing our experiences of mental illness and the treatment available for same. You can view the article, and the lively discussion that ensued, at It was also published in the print edition.

Secondly, Phil has spotted a very interesting but very worrying letter to the paper from the Chief Executives of a number of leading mental health charities such as Mind and Rethink, plus statutory bodies like the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The letter states that:

Reform of the welfare system is steaming ahead, and already we’re hearing about the devastating effects this is having on the mental health of hundreds of thousands of people across Great Britain. While much is made of the impact that changes to benefits will have on people with physical disabilities, it is vital that those with “invisible” issues such as mental health problems are not forgotten…

…We’ve found that the prospect of IB reassessment is causing huge amounts of distress, and tragically there have already been cases where people have taken their own life following problems with changes to their benefits…

You can read the letter in full here.

Obviously, 5 Quid for Life shares the concerns raised; it is the very reason that we even exist. We are alarmed to hear that individuals are already dying because of the cuts – though sadly, we are not entirely surprised. Don’t forget what first brought our organisation into fruition.

The letter highlights the very real need for 5 Quid‘s services in this arena. So please, come to the fundraiser if you can, and either way please send us some doh. People’s lives, their welfare, their homes depend on it.

You can donate online here, or alternatively, here are our bank details:

Account Name: 5 Quid for Life

Bank: HSBC Woodbridge

Sort Code: 40 47 42

Account No: 2146 8928

Thank you so much for anything you can give – even better if it’s a regular £5 per month! But every penny really is appreciated.

We’re doing a lot of background work at the minute on practical issues such as eligibility criteria and how to apply; we know that the imminence with which our services are needed is grower greater by the day. Watch this space for full details over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading folks, and I hope to see you on 30 July!

Best wishes



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