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PayPal Donations Update

by on July 3, 2011

Important Update, 4/3/2012
Unfortunately we are temporarily unable to accept donations via PayPal: we have therefore removed the PayPal Donate Button from this post and the sidebar. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and watch this space for further updates.

Account Name: 5 Quid for Life
Bank: HSBC Woodbridge
Sort Code: 40 47 42
Account No: 2146 8928

Donations may still be made direct into our bank account, details shown opposite.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we sort out this problem.


THANK YOU, first of all, to everyone who has donated to 5 Quid for Life so far, and thanks especially to those who have set up standing orders direct into our bank account: without your support, 5 Quid for Life simply would not exist.

I’m pleased to be able to say that we now have our own PayPal account, set up by Paula, our Finance Officer, so another thank you to her. We have therefore stopped taking donations via the UK Christian Bookshops Directory and have replaced that PayPal donate button in the sidebar with our own:

PayPal Donate Button
temporarily unavailable

Please do feel free to try it out — and thank you once again for your support.


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  1. Hi. Is privacy guaranteed? my Paypal account has my name included in it. Just want to check that email address / names will be kept confidential. Thanks HiDiHiDi

    • Hi Di – absolutely. The only people with access to our PayPal account are Paula and myself, and we are totally committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our donors and our beneficiaries. No personal information will be disclosed to any third parties unless so required by UK law.

  2. and it works!

  3. Works a treat, Thank-you

  4. Hi – Virgin giving might work – Seems a simple enough way to raise money.

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