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What’s happening @5QuidForLife?

by on May 31, 2013
We are still here! Meet the team: From left to right - Standing: Phil Groom, Paula Ann Walker, Kate White; Sitting: Johnathon Tinsley, Sam Jenkin

We are still here! Meet the team: From left to right – Standing: Phil Groom, Paula Ann Walker, Kate White; Sitting: Johnathon Tinsley, Sam Jenkin (please see our About page for more details of who’s who, including those not present in this picture)

YOU MAY WELL ASK, and I must apologise for yet another long silence; but please rest assured, we are still here.

First of all, my thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far in so many different ways, whether by tweeting, blogging, facebooking, other reporting or by giving, both of money and of time: you rock, each and every one of you.

When we first launched 5 Quid for Life our plan was to formally register as a charity: that has proved impossible simply because the Charity Commission does not allow organisations with an annual income below £5k to register (see: Charity Commission » When to register), and as I write our total income to date is £2,728.88. This has accrued from our early donations along with a few one-off donations and a steady monthly income of £40 contributed via standing order by six regular supporters. If you’d like to join that band of supporters, you’ll find our bank details in the sidebar on every page » Make a Donation: please do consider it.

We went on to explore the possibility of applying for recognition as a charity for tax purposes with HMRC but the process proved too convoluted and time-consuming for any of us to take forward. We have therefore concluded that we must remain what we already are for all practical purposes: a trust fund, holding monies received ready to give out to applicants who meet our eligibility criteria [1] — unless, that is, anyone reading this has the necessary expertise and time to complete an application for HMRC recognition for us. Could that person be you? If so, please leave a comment or give us a shout: we’d love to hear from you.

Last but certainly not least, because this is the reason we are here: we have received two enquiries from people wanting to know how to apply for assistance but neither of them have actually followed that up.

Eligibility Criteria

Our eligibility criteria are very simple: we provide crisis support for people with mental health difficulties who:

  • have lost their benefits
  • or are not able to apply for benefit
  • or have been notified that they are going to lose their benefits

If you meet those criteria, please contact us and we will then ask you to complete an online application form or, if your prefer, send you a form in the post. Please note that support is currently limited to a maximum of £200 per application and is normally restricted to two payments in any 12 month period. All payments are subject to available funds.


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