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Help us to help you help your friends: the @5QuidforLife Christmas Appeal

by on November 29, 2013

Christmas TreeIT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR when everyone’s after your money: every charity is out there with its begging bowl hoping to benefit from the Christmas spirit of generosity… which is fine if you’ve got cash to spare.

But lots of people haven’t got cash to spare because their benefits have been cut or their winter fuel bills are set to rise. All in all, for many it’s set to be a grim time of year, not a happy one.

This is where you come in, with us at 5 Quid for Life. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we now have a steady income of £115 per month and almost £3,000 in the bank. So instead of putting out our begging bowl along with all the other wonderful and good causes out there, we’re tipping ours up: our Christmas appeal is this:

Please help us to help you help your friends.

Spread the word. Tell the world we’re here. Tell them we’ve got money to help them through the hard times. We are a mental health safety net and if you’re in the UK, have mental health problems and are facing financial crisis because of benefit cuts, give us a shout. Check our eligibility page and if that’s you, contact us: if we can help, we will.

Help us to help your friends have a happy Christmas, not a grim one.

Thank you.

Easy Ways to Spread the Word:

  1. Online, please tell your friends on facebook; upload our logo to pinterest; tweet us; or if you’re a blogger, please consider cross-posting any of our posts or pages.
  2. Offline, please share the love with our @5QuidForLife flyer and poster: they’re pdf downloads, A4 or 2 x A5, ready for you to print out and put up on your local community noticeboard, in your local library, health centre waiting room or anywhere else that will let you.

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