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A significant milestone: £1,000 given away

by on March 4, 2015
A significant milestone: £1,000 given away

A significant milestone: £1,000 given away

AS POSTED on our facebook page this morning:

This week @5QuidForLife we passed a significant milestone: we’ve now given away £1,000. That’s 5 people who have fallen through the benefits system, through what’s supposed to be a safety net for all of us but which — courtesy of the present government’s welfare reforms — is no longer fit for purpose. Fortunately for those five people, we were there, a mental health safety net underneath the benefits system.

That, dear friends, is thanks to you, our supporters: you’re the people who have made this possible and I salute you from the bottom of my heart. By supporting 5 Quid for Life — whether that’s by giving or by sharing — you’re making a real difference to people’s lives, helping to pick up the pieces after the system drops them. THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of the people we’ve helped. Those words feel completely inadequate to express the way I feel about what you have made possible, and the way I know, from the messages we receive, the people we’ve helped feel — so I’ll repeat them: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Please continue to give if you can and please continue to share: too many people who need our help simply don’t know we’re here. You can change that by sharing, here on facebook, via twitter and even offline too with our poster and flyer: why not print one out today and see if your local library will display it? Or maybe your GP in their waiting room? Anywhere and everywhere — that café on the high street you love to go to? Here’s the link: Share the love with our brand new @5QuidForLife flyer and poster!

Thank you – Phil x


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