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End of Year Report: thank you for your support

by on December 6, 2015

AS ANOTHER YEAR draws towards its end, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters, to those who give so generously and to those who help spread the word that we’re here. As posted on our facebook page on Friday morning, we’re having a very busy time with enquiries at the moment, so please forgive me (Phil) if I’m less active in other areas and groups in the run up to Christmas — I’m making our response to these enquiries my number one priority at the moment.

I’d also like to say an equally huge thank you to my colleagues and friends on the 5 Quid for Life Committee who work so diligently behind the scenes: without their encouragement and support, none of what we do would be possible.


I’m pleased to able to report that we remain in a good financial position, with a steady income typically around £85.00 per month and a current balance of £4,332.36 available for those who meet our eligibility criteria, namely any UK resident with mental health difficulties whose benefits have been cut or lost in the government’s ongoing welfare reforms. We’ve now given away a total of £1,600 as per the following summary:

Donated Nov 2015: £85.00
Total Donated: £5932.36*
Given away: £1600.00
Balance: £4332.36

* Total includes interest paid on our community savings account, typically 5p per month


We’d love to give more of this away so please continue to share the news that we’re here to help, so that the people who need our support can find us. We don’t have an advertising or marketing budget because we believe that the money we’re given should go the people who need it, but this does mean that we depend entirely upon you, our supporters, to spread the word.

Is this something we should reconsider? If you’re one of our financial supporters and you’d like us to allocate a proportion of what you give to advertising, please let us know, either by a comment here or via our Contact Us page. Are there other ways to improve our publicity? Please shout if you have any ideas.


If you’d like to apply for our help, please contact us with a brief description of your situation. You’ll need to be ready to provide evidence of your mental health and benefits situation, which can be in the form of copied or photographed correspondence from your GP (or another mental health professional) and from the DWP (such as a letter from your local benefits or job centre). If necessary we can provide you with a letter template for your GP or MH Professional authorising them to release information to us.

Once you’ve confirmed that this evidence is available, we will invite you to complete our official Application for Help form online and come back to you as soon as possible after that with a decision and — if the decision is favourable — a cheque in the post will follow.

Finally for now, on behalf of the entire 5 Quid for Life team, I take this opportunity to wish everyone reading the best possible Christmas and New Year under whatever circumstances you face.

Phil Groom
Founder and Acting Finance Officer

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