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Finance Update, with thanks to all our supporters

by on March 15, 2017

THREE WEEKS ON from last month’s announcement about our financial situation, I’m very pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have been able to continue issuing grants and we expect to able to keep that going for at least the next few weeks. In the longer term, however, we need more regular donations if we are to meet the ongoing demand. Here’s a summary of the current situation taken from February’s bank statement:

Opening balance 27/1/2017: £3,774.72
PayPal verification deposit: £0.01
Donations: £1,035.00
12 grants issued: (£2,285.00)
Transfer from Reserve a/c: £1,000.00
Closing balance 27/2/2017: £3,524.73

We have also issued 5 x £50 (total £250.00) grants via PayPal, where we hold a small separate fund for emergency payments. Cheques for a further 10 grants totaling £1,500.00 have yet to clear, leaving us with an interim bank balance of £2,024.73. That’s enough for another 5 full grants of £200 followed by 10 reduced grants of £100.

Whether you support us by one-off donations, PayPal recurring payments or by standing order, on behalf of those we help, we’d like to offer you a huge and heartfelt thank you. Every contribution counts as we pick up the pieces in the trail of destruction left by the DWP’s appalling disregard of the debilitating effects of mental ill-health.

Lest any should doubt the damage being done by the DWP to vulnerable people, I simply point you to a recent report from the Disability News Service: Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions. Be warned, it makes grim reading: if you are feeling vulnerable yourself, you would be well advised to steer clear.

Finally, for now: if you’re already supporting us, thank you once again; if you’re not and would like to do so, please see the sidebar or visit our Donations page for details of how to give.

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  1. The report from the Disability News Service is outrageous. I am a retired mental health nurse, and find it difficult to believe that mental health professionals would be willing to ask such sensitive questions in a non-therapeutic context. For the Maximus spokesman to say “We are satisfied that the healthcare professional who conducted the assessment did so in line with our policies and guidelines.’ suggests that the policies and guidelines are in need of urgent review and change.

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