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New Year Update: Approaching the end of the line?

by on January 5, 2018
Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR and, as always, a HUGE thank you to all our friends, followers and supporters. Last year was tough: we gave away more than £4,000 to people with mental health difficulties who had been left high and dry by the benefits system, and in the last half of the year especially we struggled to keep up with the demand. To those we kept waiting, I can only apologise.

The good news is that we’re now on top of the backlog: every outstanding enquiry has now received a reply. Here’s a snapshot summary of where we’re at:

We have already given away £400 this year. This leaves our bank balance at £801.95 and our PayPal balance at £118.74, a total of £920.69. Our current income is typically £165 p/m via standing order plus £20 p/m via PayPal donations.

• We are awaiting updates on two applicants from their caseworkers.
• We have two applications pending for which evidence has not yet been provided: if you apply for our help, please remember that we can only provide that help if you provide us with evidence of your circumstances. Please read this post for an explanation: Decisions, decisions: how we make them (and how you can make them easier for us)
• We have three requests pending for which evidence has been provided but our application form has not yet been completed: again, if you request our help, please remember that we can only provide that help if you complete our application form as well.
• We have received two requests for further help from previous applicants: our policy is to allow for a maximum of two grants in any 12 month period, and as our funds run low this is becoming heart-wrenchingly difficult—do we prioritise support for new applicants or for those we have already helped?

Setting aside £100 each for each of these applications leaves us with £20.69 available for any new requests, plus our income of £185 p/m.

So, dear people, we appear to be approaching the end of the line. None of what we’ve achieved would have been possible without our supporters’ generosity: if that’s you, once again, a huge thank you; but to continue, we need more regular support. It’s your call: please share as you see fit.

Thank you and best wishes for 2018 from me, Phil​, and all the 5 Quid for Life team.

This is a slightly extended version of a post from our facebook page: please join us there for more frequent updates.


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