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Please note that as of May 2017 our funds are running critically low. We are now using our reserve fund—our final £1,000—to issue grants. We have therefore reduced our maximum grant from £200 to £100 and we will soon be at the point where we will only be able to issue one or two grants per month. If you can help by making a donation or becoming a regular supporter, please do so: please visit our Donations page for details. Thank you.

OUR ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA are very simple: we provide crisis financial support for people in the UK with mental health difficulties who:

  • have lost their benefits
  • or are not able to apply for benefit
  • or have been notified that they are going to lose their benefits

This includes, for example, those who have had benefit sanctions unfairly imposed following a Work Capability Assessment (WCA). It does not include those who are ineligible for benefits on income based grounds (such as a partner’s or other household income).

If you believe that you meet our eligibility criteria, please contact us and, if appropriate, we will then ask you to complete an online application form or, if you prefer, send you a form in the post. Please note that support is currently limited to a maximum of £100 per application and is normally restricted to two payments in any 12 month period.

All payments are subject to available funds: if your application is approved and we do not have sufficient funds available at that time, we will place you on a waiting list for help as soon as funds are available.

Please read this post for details on how we make our decisions and how you can help make that process easier — and ultimately faster — both for us and for you: Decisions, decisions: how we make them (and how you can make them easier for us)

  1. Maxine Goodwin permalink

    My benefits have been cut numerous times now going from ESA benefits to jsa benefits n back to ESA then back to jsa now I’ve reapplied to ESA because my condition I’ve not reported before has seriously worsened and now have more health problems as a result of my anxiety depression and emotional stress . I’ve been abused for 17 years and some days I really don’t want to be living because of being so sick n depressed and numb , though I have mental health problems it’s a result of being beaten and bruised and treated so bad and I know I wouldn’t want this pain hurt and betrayal of trust and love to happen to anyone and I love my 3 children with all my soul and heart and am so proud how good loving caring kids they have become and that’s because I nurtured them and loved them and put their needs before me and they love respect and care for me because of that !

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