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THANK YOU to everyone whose donations make 5 Quid for Life possible: without your support we wouldn’t exist; but because of your support, we can offer help and hope to those facing the double trauma of mental health problems and loss of benefits.


Please note that as of January 2018 all of our funds—including our reserve fund—have been allocated to people who have applied for our help. Our maximum grant is now £100 and we are working on a month-by-month basis, issuing one or two grants per month dependent upon each month’s income. If you can help by making a donation or becoming a regular supporter, please do so: please see below for details. Thank you.

Donations may be made direct to the 5 Quid for Life bank account via online banking or in person at any bank; even better, of course, if you’re in a position to set up a standing order please:

Account Name: 5 Quid for Life
Bank: HSBC Woodbridge
For UK donors:
Sort Code: 40 47 42
Account No: 2146 8928
For international donors:
International Bank Account No: GB21MIDL40474221468928
Branch Identifier Code: MIDLGB2164L

Alternatively, you can donate via PayPal:

Donate with PayPal

5 Quid for Life operates on a 100% voluntary basis and all donations go entirely to those we support: we do not make any deductions, claim expenses or charge for our services. Please note, however, that PayPal deduct a small fee for their services from each donation, which is why we prefer direct donations to our bank account. Thank you.


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